noun: someone hailing from, with deep respect and love for the city of Wichita, KS.

noun: a person who prepares and cooks food, esp. as a job or in a specified way.

noun: 1. a female child. 2. a young or relatively young woman.
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Cochon Heritage Fire: We Drive, You Kick Back on the Heritage Fire “Punch King Bus” 

Jump on board our luxury coach from San Francisco all the way to Napa for the VIP Heritage Fire experience.  We’ll be serving a specially-made punch, and of course, this trip includes safe passage to and from the most meat-tastic event in Napa Valley. That is if you are game to try a taste of 3000 pounds of fire-kissed meats. 

The Meat Mobile is brought to from your friends at Heritage Fire. There will be a Director of Fun, who will make sure the tunes are hot and host the games where you might win cool stuff including shirts, booze, and pig’nic blankets. Once Heritage Fire is over, we will stop-over at the Chef’s After Party at Goose & Gander and then journey home. 

The ticket is VIP, so you’ll roll into the event before the regular crowds. And you’ll be safe and not on the road all buzzed. 


The bus will depart from Hipstamatic Studios on Sunday at 12:30pm (sharp). It will arrive in St. Helena around 2:30pm. If you are early, the founder of the event will take you on a private tour of the grounds and fire kitchen - but no stepping on the hot coals. 

The bus will depart promptly at 6:45pm from the event site at Charles Krug, and will arrive at Goose & Gander at 7:00pm for the after party.

The bus will then depart promptly at 8:00pm, arriving back to San Francisco. No one drinking should be driving home after taking the bus; please allow for transportation to take you home safely.


12:30pm - Bus Departs SF

2:30 pm - Bus Arrives Event Site

6:45pm - Bus departs Event Site

7:00pm - Bus arrives Goose & Gander After Party

8:00pm - Bus departs Goose & Gander

9:40pm - Bus arrives San Francisco 

Cost: $230 each (includes $25 blanket, cocktails on the bus, and access to seminars)

Meat Mobile: It will be fun.

VIP Guests receive early access to the food, oysters, limited treats specially prepared by the chefs in addition to magnum wine bar access. 

Woo thanks for the reminder. I’ll try to avoid the Goose that night.

Foot tattoos are for sure the worst thing in the history of worst things

A memoir

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My favorite days are the ones where I make it a whole 12 hours without ever uttering a word.

No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.
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